22. Male. From Cancun. Live in Honolulu. Beach boy. Nightlife. Art. Tattos. Writing. Photography. Cheeseburgers. Black. White. Fashion. Soccer. Ragin on the weekends. Friends. Living like there's no tomorrow. The universe. Electro House. Thanatology. Dirty beats. Rebel against society. Food. Tequila. College. Traveling. Skinny jeans. Hippies. The stars. Life. Death.


The past two years

Ohh man getting old is a trip! These past two years have been nuts. Living in honolulu for a year and now living in miami for the past 7 months, soo fucking happy and thankful. And today I finally counted the stash of cash i have been saving in my room and holy shit… yeah hard work def pays off! $$$ I think it might be time to buy an audi hehe Fuckin eh life is a trip. I love it. And then Europe at the end of this month! So excitedddd. I gotta thank the universe for all of its wonderful gifts I have received for sure… mm good deeds are coming up